We guarantee the quality of our work by carrying out constant checks, from receiving the documents to the delivery to the client.


We choose and recruit our translators based on strict criteria. These individuals possess several years of experience in the area of translation and have solid references. They translate solely towards their mother tongue(s), all by respecting the sense and level of the source document, and in a clear style devoid of ambiguity.
For each area or line of business (legal, technical, medical, etc.), we work with one or many specialized translators (for example, translators specializing in Chinese or French law, in the vehicle or nuclear sectors, etc.).

Translation tools

Terminological research consists in finding technical terms and ensuring their precise translation. We depend on specialized databases, electronic or printed dictionaries, information exchanged on translation forums, and the comparison of terms with the help of search engines such as Google.... While technical progress in recent years has surely facilitated the work of translators, it is nevertheless a job that still requires thorough training and extensive experience.

Translation checks and proofreading

Once the translation is finished, it is read by a second translator who checks first for completeness to make sure nothing has been left out and that the page layout has been respected, etc. It is then proofread, which allows us polish the target text – for grammar, syntax, choice of words, and any other improvements that may be required.

Diagram of the translation process


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