A graduate from INALCO (Paris National Institute of Oriental Languages and Civilizations), Florent Boutot came to Suzhou , China (in the Jiangsu province near Shanghai) in 1999. In this strongly industrialized area with remarkable economic growth, which witnessed the implantation arrival of a large number of European, American, Japanese, Korean, and Taiwanese companies, the demand for translations from Chinese and other languages was urgent.

These companies, which were made aware of quality, adherence to deadlines, and international norms, which are all values often neglected at a the local level, welcomed favourably welcomed the creation establishment of a foreign translation agency in China. After some time, and following a rigorous selection process of competent Chinese, French, English, American, Japanese, etc. translators, the activities of the company continued to develop and, at the present moment, ASIAWORDS is mainly primarily involved with clients based in Europe, Canada, the United States, or Hong Kong. The combination in 2009 with Sunny Cheng, a long-standing collaborator, gave birth to a new company whose head office became was established in the Macao SAR.