Translation is our main activity. Our team of translators ensures quality service delivered at or before deadlines under strict confidentiality agreements. Legal, technical, medical , and general translations from and to Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc. is our main activity. From and to Chinese, English, French, etc., we translate patents, technical manuals, contracts, financial reports, instruction manuals, minutes, accounting reports, statuses for companies, trial summaries, websites, newspaper articles, certified documents stating vital data, as well as other types of general documents.


Whether for simultaneous or consecutive interpreting, we work with a number of interpreters based in major Chinese cities, including Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan.


We also offer DTP services for documents in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Khmer, Vietnamese, Thai, and the main European languages.

Consulting for Companies

In addition to its translation activities, ASIAWORDS offers market studies and brand name localization for Asian languages taking into account the socio-cultural, linguistic, and commercial aspects of specific countries for brands, products, or services that are about to be developed in Asia.